Air Sports

NAA is the Aero Club of the United States. Our aero club role focuses on promoting and developing sport aviation throughout the U.S. by working closely with each air sport organization (listed at right).
NAA recognizes these eight organizations as the official governing bodies for their respective air sports. NAA and the air sport organizations have reciprocal board memberships and these relationships produce better understanding of the unique challenges facing each organization and prepares NAA for its representational responsibilities on the international level at the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

The air sport organizations are the heart and soul of aviation in America. They are rapidly evolving as they press the edge of the envelope with new technologies. All share the enthusiasm for aviation and the devotion to our heritage of flight. These air sport organizations represent all major air sport disciplines in the United States, and have as their members nearly 400,000 air sportsmen.